It wasn’t that long ago that the green movement was shunned aside and not particularly acknowledged or cared for. However, with celebrities embracing it and at the same time advocating a green revolution that we are to embrace not only for us but for our children, too – plenty has changed and in a good way. From organic lifestyle, meals and drinks to organic cosmetics – we are collectively embracing (well, most of us are anyways) the green life as the only acceptable option and the only healthy way to live.
Luckily for all of us, with celebrities hopping onto the green wagon and parading their health choices, the green lifestyle is catching on so wonderfully! We are giving you some of our favorite green ambassadors listed below.

Gisele Bündchen




Not just one of the most beautiful women in the world, but an activist, too! In case you missed it, Gisele Bündchen was named the 2011 Greenest International Celebrity of the Year, and her heart, as well as buckets of money, go to environmental causes. Since 2009, Bündchen has been a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program, she is involved in her hometown’s Clean Water Project and also works with the Brazilian movement A Drop Of Water (Gota D’água). On top of that, Bündchen co-hosted the Rainforest Alliance annual gala in 2009 being a passionate lover of the Amazon rainforest. Speak about dedication!
Kate Hudson


Talented, exceptionally beautiful, charming and with an amazing sense of humor, Hudson is yet another celebrity who’s embraced the green and organic and isn’t ashamed to advocate it!
In an interview, speaking on her green habits, Hudson explained that living a healthier life is a thing of choice and calling your own shots. “I’ll make things myself, partly because it’s fun, partly because I’ve been doing it since I was little, mostly because it gives me a sense of control. I’ve made homeopathic treatments and aromatherapy treatments. I’m constantly looking for the best products out there, and I helped my hairdresser launch a line of organic hair-care products”, she said. What’s also interesting is that they give ten percent of the money into protecting endangered species. So cute! Hudson is big on organic cosmetics, too and she’s fully embracing 100 Percent Pure cosmetics that’s taken Hollywood by storm – purely organic, this cosmetics is much loved not just by Hudson but by the gorgeous Jessica Alba as well as many other organic conscious celebrities.
Adrian Grenier


It’s not just the girls but handsome fellows too that are embracing the green movement. Unlike his hard-partying his Entourage alter-ego Vince, Grenier is an activist who uses his fame for amazing purposes – to better the world around him through raising consciousness about the importance of organic living. He teamed up with the Discovery Channel’s Planet Green and created a TV show called “Alter Eco” and started up the website, which, relying on various multimedia, promotes sustainable living and supports eco-friendly fashion. On top of that, he is an Oceana ambassador and works with charity:water to bring safe drinking water to third world countries. This talented and handsome chap won the Blue Sky award in 2008 for his environmental activism, too. Amazing, right?

Meryl Streep


The Queen of the silver screen, Streep is not only one of the greatest screen sirens in history, but is a passionate nature lover. According to USA Today, Mrs Meryl’s created Mothers and Others back in 1989, after reading a Natural Resources Defense Council report regarding pesticides in produce. Even though the organization shuttered in 2001, Streep never gave up and continued fighting for environmental food awareness till today’s day. Further, this brilliant actress is involved with a group that aims to protect children from toxins in water and food sources, called Children’s Health Environmental Coalition. She truly is something, isn’t she?
Olivia Wilde


Quoted as saying she wants to “leave the planet a little better than she found it” Ms. Wilde is all about being vegan and continuing her activism for a greener world through animal friendliness. She’s even got a website, Wilde Things, which carries all sorts of green forums. Also she was a face of H&M Conscious Exclusive collection campaign promoting fabulous pieces that are all about organic materials and sustainability in fashion. We love her for that!

Written by: Peter Minkoff

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