Summer season is getting closer by the day, and our dreams of a stylish vacation are getting more and more frequent. Summer may be the season we need the least amount of clothes for, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a stylish season. If we put in the effort to look good, this just might be the most fashionable season of the year. If you want your summer to be a fashion hit, keep reading to find out our best tips that will help you get the most out of summer style.
Plan, plan, plan
If you are getting ready for a summer vacation, the most important thing you can do is plan what you will pack. You don’t want a suitcase full of clothes that will overwhelm you when you open it. What you want even less is a suitcase full of clothes, but not an outfit in sight! Before you start packing write down how long will your trip last, what is the weather going to be like (hot, hot, hot), and what activities you will have. Once you thought this through, planning the right outfits will be a piece of cake.

Start with basics


Basically, you can do anything with basics. The best thing about starting an outfit with a basic piece is that you can make it into anything. Take one white T-shirt, add some interesting pieces, and be ready for a field trip, a dinner date, a walk along the beach or whatever situation you find yourself getting dressed for, in just a few minutes.
Make a statement
Never forget to pack some statement jewelry! Summer is the time we have to think about jewelry more than usual. Hot days mean fewer clothes, and fewer clothes mean making fashion statements by adding the right jewelry to your outfit, to make it stand out. Necklaces are always a great choice but consider other pieces as well. Chunky bracelets, earrings and rings are all good choices as well. Find what you like and what goes with your style, and rock it!
The must-have


If you haven’t heard this by now, the best summer style tip you can get is to pack a kaftan. Kaftans are this summer’s “it” piece. By bringing this one piece you are making a statement without even having to think about it. A kaftan is the best thing to wear to the beach. Simple and breezy, it will make you feel comfortable whenever you have it on. Yet, the colorful patterns of a truly great kaftan will make you look fashionable and on point, as well.
Leave the heels behind
High heels are every fashionista’s friend. But when it comes to summer, the rules are different. You are going on a summer vacation to relax and have fun. The best shoes you can wear, are no shoes at all! Enjoy the weather and the beach, walk along the shore and feel the sand beneath your feet. It’s fun, comfortable and good for you. Sand is nature’s best exfoliant, so take a relaxing walk and give your feet a treat! And when you have to wear shoes, wear flats, you’re on vacation.
Packing for a summer vacation can easily make us forget about staying safe. Having fun in the sun can be dangerous for our skin, so we should always do our best to protect it. Packing a sunscreen is the best thing we can do for our skin and our style when going on vacation, because sunburns are never in style! So, be smart, pack a sunscreen and enjoy your stylish vacation!

Written by: Peter Minkoff

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