Dear ladies and gentlemen,

It’s that time of the year again, the time when we sum up everything we did during the last 12 months, all of the good things and the bad that happen to us in the previous period and make plans and goals for the future.

Recent research shows that while 52% of participants in a resolution study were confident of success with their goals, only 12% actually achieved their goals. And even though this is not a big number, it shows that people who are confident that they can make a difference usually do.

If you’re sitting on a lot of hopes and dreams, it’s time to start making them happen. Remember, having a dream is not the same as making a real decision. So take a few minutes and think about how to make your dreams your reality, and the year 2016 the best one in your life.

Start a book, you can call it ” My goals for 2016 ” where you will write down all of your decisions. It can be very helpful because you can read it over and over again and remind yourself to stick to your plan. It is also good because you can continue making plans and writing them down through the whole year. The best thing about it is that you will see all of your accomplishments at the end of 2016. My book makes me feel super excited about everything that I have to accomplish in the next period.

First of all you have to write down everything you did good during 2015, all of the things that made you proud, happy and satisfied and feel truly thankful for them.

The second thing you have to write down are all of the mistakes you’ve made and what would you do differently. This step is very important because you will be focusing on resolving your previous mistakes and making sure that they won’t happen again.

The third step is taking time to rethink your goals and choose resolutions that you really want to achieve from the bottom of your heart. Then start writing them down one by one. Don’t put on yourself more than you can handle, the list shouldn’t be too long and tiresome. For example:

1. I will start eating healthier food;

2. I will get in shape;

3. I will start saving more money;

4. I will reduce stress;

5. I will spend more time with people that matter to me;


And remember, everything you can imagine, you can make possible. It always takes time and effort, But if you’re determined you will succeed. Try picturing yourself having attained your goal, visualize yourself in the positions you desire. Be realistic, strong and make 2016 a year of change.

Happy new year everyone, Love you all!




About The Author

Tamara Nikolic was born in Serbia, but now lives between Belgrade and London and travels all around the Globe. Since she was a little girl she was interested in fashion and writing. In school she has won many awards for her essays. She speaks fluent Serbian, English, French and Spanish and has a University degree in Economics. Parallel to her studies she managed to work as a model for some of the biggest modeling agencies in the world like Elite and Next Model Management. Thanks to her presence in Fashion and strong media presence Tamara has decided to create a luxury webmag for modern, fashionable and business oriented people. “Lux to go” is a source of inspiration and style that includes fashion tips, latest trends, beauty tips and many more. Through “Lux to go” you’ll be able to see a glimpse into her world.