In case you weren’t sure which names to single out out of THE currently trending fashion crowd, we’ve got a few obvious clues for you – Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Taylor Swift (even though she is not exactly in fashion, she is a trend-setter), Martha Hunt, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez and virtually any other girl that’s got a rocking body and a promising career in fashion/acting/music.
Observing the fashion world lately, most of us are getting an all-too-familiar high school flashback, with the squad-love and what not. The first to set squad goals was Taylor Swift who “recruited” NY and LA beauties upgrading their status from world-wide known faces to our it obsessions.
The girls we have paid the most attention to, though – and not thanks to Taylor’s intervention – were definitely the leggy brunette Kendall Jenner, who first grabbed the spotlight owing to her super famous Keeping up with the Kardashians reality show and the blonde beauty Gigi Hadid, who redefined blonde expectations on the runway.
This time around, we are talking Gigi.


The perfectly proportional, endlessly charming, inexplicably sweet and well-mannered, this live-version of Goldilocks became our fixation the moment she set her foot on the runway. People from the fashion world praise her for being incredibly professional and easy to work with, and us? Well, we love her for being one of the Queens of runway who’s oh-so-wonderfully kept her girl next door vibe, making her the perfect role model.
Boys everywhere are going head over heels for her, girls everywhere want to be her, and Gigi… she’s just enjoying life. You’ll find it absolutely loco but the latest we heard is that girls are not only copying her fashion style but they too are undergoing non surgical nose jobs to get her look, using extensions on their hair to get those perfect Gigi locks, adapting the no-makeup makeup look and, well, giving their best to become her. Crazy, but also adorable!

Gigi is one of those down to earth models who is easily approachable and more than willing to share her beauty and fashion tricks with us (not that we’ll ever manage to look like THAT, but it’s still worth the shot); this is what we’ve gathered…
Gigi’s makeup routine and style


She says she always starts her day with aqua foundation in O13, and that she’s took the habit from her mom. She loves it because it brightens her skin and it’s light enough, so you can still see her freckles. Too cute! A touch of blush on her cheekbones and she says she is ready to go. She says she sometimes does liquid eyeliner for drama. On most occasions, she says, she likes the high-fashion style: “If I’m going as a high-fashion model, I usually just like doing a clean face. But I feel like even with a clean face, you still have to kind of contour—so it’s kind of like the no-makeup look. I really love the nude palette!”
She also claims she is not a fan of too much makeup as it can go drag queen really quick if you are not a professional makeup artist, that is.
FYI, Gigi doesn’t wash her hair every day, which is what keeps it healthy, she believes.
Gigi’s skin routine


We’ve noticed Gigi’s skin is looking flawless and we always wonder HOW since she is constantly putting on and taking off makeup for shows and shoots. Well, she’s admitted she is a huge fan of a good scrub that she uses when she showers. She also uses cleaning wipes for her face and a hydrating lotion.
The only beauty tip she’s got from her mom who was also a model is to, when she’s got a pimple, put some toothpaste on it. I guess, we’re not that different after all!
Gigi’s style


This gorgeous blonde says that, privately, she isn’t as girly as she is on the runway. For private events and parties, she’ll often be in boyfriend jeans and a T-shirt, and a pair of heels on. She says that all the glam stuff is just a part of her job; she is competitive, she says… and she enjoys it! When it comes to colours – no one rocks white outfits like her. Her best statement outfits contain many shades of black and white mixture.
Well, Gigi – now we love you even more!


Written By:  Peter Minkoff

Undergoing non surgical nose jobs
No-makeup look
Gigi’s skin is looking flawless

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