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The intro
Being cool is not a thing you can fake, really; it’s that natural glow you’ve got shining from the inside, the quirky and charming, memorable flair you are simply born with. Naturally, the cool vibe needs nurturing just like all other aspects of your personality, and that’s probably one of the reasons why you are now reading these lines. Not that you can be anything but the coolest chick on the block, but it doesn’t hurt to call a few amazing outfits, attitude changes and awesome gadgets to help, right? Right. Ok, let’s begin.
#Know who you are

You’ve heard it a million times before – confidence and self-love are the most attractive features in a person. Know who you are and love yourself – you’ll ooze the most beautiful, awesome vibe ever.

#Don’t ever fake it

Will you hate us if we tell you that (obsessively) trying to fit in and stay on trend equals faking it? It is how it is. Being cool doesn’t mean following every single momentum that’s hyping; it means knowing what you like and chasing (and we’re using the term ‘chasing’ loosely here) trends that work with it. So, adjust the trends to your style, not the other way around.
#Own your style

Fashion is a way to communicate your feelings, likes and dislikes through the pieces and accessories you wear. Don’t care about what other people think; if you like your baggy, you like your baggy. Are you a tomboy? Awesome, rock it. Are you a girly girl? Wonderful. Do you not care at all? That’s cool, too – as long as you are genuine and recognizable for doing your own thing, you are good to go.
#Don’t worry about your squad
One of the worst things to do is choose your squad based on a few “socially accepted” parameters or currently trending parameters. You’ll often find that people group up according to the amount of money they have, their social status, sexual orientation and other parameters. Don’t be like that. Learn to let go of prejudice. If you vibe with someone, you vibe. Don’t lose sleep over what someone will think about you or your clique. You like your friends, and that’s the only thing that matters.

#Rock the trends… if you want

The beauty of being cool is that you can stay on trend, but you don’t have to (and we have touched upon that in a few paragraphs above); there is a particular beauty in being careless enough towards what’s supposed to be embraced and owning your attitudes. Obviously, that doesn’t mean dismissing all the cool stuff out there – like rocking the latest street wear collections, reading the recent books from your favorite author, getting the latest purple hoverboard or accidentally stealing the RiRi Wild Thoughts look for your next outing, but the idea is to not force anything that doesn’t feel natural. You can do or not do anything you like – because that’s what’s being cool is all about.
#Stay passionate about your interests

Having interests and goals you are passionate about is the ultimate cool thing. It doesn’t matter what type of interests you nurture – working with underprivileged kids, helping out at the Red Cross, blogging, catwalking, writing, doing yoga, drawing, boxing, etc – stay true to them and cherish them. A girl with a range of interests under her belt and a goal in mind is the coolest girl on the block, be sure of it.
#Don’t be afraid to speak up or show your feelings

To be cool isn’t to be over the top or too out there; it actually means being honest and true to who you are, what you stand for and what you feel. If there comes a time when you feel you should speak up, do that. Don’t be afraid of people’s reactions or judgment. Stand by what you believe in, no matter how different from the crowd. Communicate your emotions and attitudes in a healthy way. Don’t force your opinions on others; rather, be cool enough to listen, process and consider other people’s beliefs while remaining open and honest about your own.
#Forget about “cool” as your goal

Being cool comes down to being comfortable with who you are. Forget about forcing the cool vibe… be the cool vibe.

Written by: Peter Minkoff


About The Author

Tamara Nikolic was born in Serbia, but now lives between Belgrade and London and travels all around the Globe. Since she was a little girl she was interested in fashion and writing. In school she has won many awards for her essays. She speaks fluent Serbian, English, French and Spanish and has a University degree in Economics. Parallel to her studies she managed to work as a model for some of the biggest modeling agencies in the world like Elite and Next Model Management. Thanks to her presence in Fashion and strong media presence Tamara has decided to create a luxury webmag for modern, fashionable and business oriented people. “Lux to go” is a source of inspiration and style that includes fashion tips, latest trends, beauty tips and many more. Through “Lux to go” you’ll be able to see a glimpse into her world.