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If you ever wondered what outfits should you wear for horseback riding lessons this is guaranteed your best source for outfit inspiration.

How to dress for this occasion depends on your location, your riding school and how often you intend to ride but it’s important that you start with the essentials and go from there.

1. The most important thing you must have before riding a horse is headgear. ASTM/SEI certified and properly fitted equestrian helmets are proven way to prevent or decrease head injuries when riding.

Wear your hair tied back while riding, if your hair is loose it can make it harder for you too see.

2. When it comes to pants, jodhpurs, breeches or leggings are the best choice. It is very important that they are tight, comfortable and very flexible and allow you to feel the horse’s moves and to move well yourself. The colours that are very common are black, white, beige and dark brown.

3. Have a base top and a long sleeved jacket in cold weather and for better protection. They should follow your waste line.

4. Use long boots ( they should be supportive of your ankles ) with a raised heel, 1 to 1 ½ inch heel and low tread that can prevent your foot from slipping through the stirrup when riding. You should NEVER wear sandals or flip-flops while riding.

Here are some examples of both beautiful and professional equestrian attire.


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