Weddings are always a fantastic opportunity to express your style and show off that super expensive Dolce you’ve purchased a few months ago but still haven’t had the chance to wear it.
Regardless of the season, as a guest – your goal is to look phenomenal and chic. Naturally, you’ll be careful to pick what agrees with the weather, as well as the overall style of the wedding (you certainly don’t want to be pinned ridiculous, right?) but you’ll definitely do your best to push the envelope and be the jaw-drop sensation at the event. Are we right or are we right?
For all of you looking forward to a winter wedding (or a few weddings in the season), we’re giving you some pointers on how to look spectacular and not get the (literal) chills in the process.
Exercise your right to sequin
Unlike summer that usually calls for lighter fabrics and screaming colors, winter is all about class and elegance – and what better than a sequin dress to make a statement. Think silver, beige and bronze (separately) for your dress. Combine it with see-through mesh on the back or shoulders to add a little magic and keep things maxi or mid-calf (preferably). When too short, sequin looks cheap. Stay classy, always.
NOTE: If you’re going with a statement dress, don’t go for the overkill by adding jewelry. The dress itself is enough. A simple set of stud earrings may work, if you really can’t help the urge.
Show of your toned physique


A form fitting bodycon dress in a rich material like Scabal, Vicuña, Linen, Silk or fine Wool will emphasize the luxury of your attire and accentuate your physique stylishly. Don’t go for anything too tight as you don’t want to be branded “trashy” or “cheap” (or both!). Opt for a flattering cut and a fabric that fits your shape like a glove.
Rely on fabulous bridal jewelry sets to upgrade the look and achieve the vibe you are after – elegant, stylish and chic.
Try fur for statement
The reason we absolutely love winter is nothing more and nothing less than fur. Faux, of course. Whatever you wear underneath, a fur coat will elevate it and give it the luxury and drama it needs. A simple outfit like an A cut dress, heeled-boots and a fur coat – scream jackpot!
We’d suggest going for nude, gray or white fur for a wedding. You don’t want your leopard prints on display at this event.
Love the peek-a-boo trend


There’s probably nothing as chic and exciting as a simple, sheer material dress; you can wear it in any color or pattern and it won’t lose anything of its initial exquisiteness. For a winter wedding, we’d suggest milk white, champagne, gray, lemon yellow or any earthy shade. Naturally, you can never go wrong with light pink, either.
An added, almost equally chic variant of sheer dress is a bare-shoulder dress. The Fall 2016 was all about sheer shoulders and we’re seeing the trend continue all throughout winter. Go for sheer silk dress with pleated cold shoulders, wear a chic white gold/diamond necklace and diamond stud earrings (silver is okay, too) or a golden/silver thick choker. You’ll be the talk of your wedding.
The hair can either flow in waves or go in a bun – totally your choice.
Embrace florals
Usually, florals are linked to the cheerful, rosy spring and summer vibes and wearing the pattern during winter almost feels misplaced and odd. However, risking with florals during this time of year may be a real statement of your edgy character.
Go for a white floral dress with a black or dark gray base; the flower patterns should be large and in colors like maroon, burnt orange, ochre or similar colors. Avoid light colors like pink, yellow and baby blue. The dark base and big flowers in unusual colors will add mystique and drama to your outfit, effortlessly. Simple jewelry and dark lips – and you are ready to wow.

Written by: Peter Minkoff

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