Risking to sound entirely anti-feminist (which we are not), we have to approach dating as more of an experiment than a logical string of events. After all, all men are boys forever, and – to figure them out, you need to approach them like you would any child out there – with caution and a plan. Bad news in this whole dating jam is that you, actually, do need to have little strategies to get the relationship moving. Good news is – once you make a solid ground, you become the Queen. And that’s what we’re aiming at here.
To all of you ladies looking to give your romantic life a boost and get the guy of your choice, here are a few tips that’ll help you stay sane and keep him interested.
Stop tripping
Don’t roll your eyes to this, thinking “What do you mean, stop tripping? I am normal and cool!”. No, honey – you are not. You are spinning, and that’ll lead you nowhere. Hey, that’s okay – most of us are when we fall for someone.
Staying in your right mind when you first start dating is the best thing you can do for both him and you. You won’t have to pose a personality and he won’t have to compete with this fake drama. Keep your life as it is and just make room for him in it. Let him appreciate every single moment you’ve devoted to him! He’ll love that he’s getting involved with someone who has their own interests, friends, occupations, job, career, etc. and that he won’t have to be THE ONLY THING keeping you happy. To guys, that’s a deal breaker.

Listen to what he says


Guys are used to having girls talk ALL.THE.TIME. Be one of the cool ones and let HIM talk for a change. You’d be surprised how eager they are to tell you about their friends, their games, their score at work – just if you give him a chance. Soak everything in and then later, recall your conversations. Say: “Hey, remember that thing about the thing that you were talking about? I was just reading this book and thought of what you’d said the other day – I think you may have had a point there!” He’ll be thrilled that a) you actually paid attention b) that he’s in your thoughts c) that he got to talk!
Keep your legs closed
Let at least two weeks pass before you get into bed with him. Sex will happen, that’s for sure but try to leave something to the imagination first. Tease him, yes. Kiss him like he’s never been kissed before. Drop little sex (appropriate) hints when the situation is right… but stay a lady that doesn’t put out easily. No guy wants a girl he can have straight away. Let him wait for it a bit! If you are thinking about how to make the first move and not have him lose interest (if you are a match, he won’t lose interest no matter the wait), this is how: after you’ve been seeing each other for some time, invite him over or go to his place; bring a pack of beers or wine, or any other drink that you like; play charades, watch a movie, and make a night of it! Then, in an oh-I-so-didn’t-plan-this manner, make your move!

Don’t be stubborn


One of the most common mistakes couples make is that they force same interests at all costs. While it’s true you do have to share SOME interests, it is absolutely untrue you have to have everything in common. It’s healthy that you’ve got your own stuff and he’s got his; that way, there’s plenty to talk about, teach each other, broaden your horizons and discover new things. You can always make him a bet – when you do something he likes, he has to do something you like, too. That way, you’re introducing fun into your interest zones and making those experiences memorable!

Written by: Petter Minkoff


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