They may say age is just a number, but we actually mean it; it doesn’t really matter if you are turning 16 or 60, the idea behind a fabulous party is to have it organized beautifully so it fits your personality and, well, makes everyone present (or those that weren’t actually invited) envious.
In the spirit of your upcoming birthday celebration, we’re putting together a list of the most essential aspects of throwing the most memorable birthday bash ever. Although this party may not be on pair with any of the blowouts Kylie Jenner or Hugh Hefner have ever thrown, your b-day celebration will be the most perfect solution for your budget, living circumstances and the people you love hanging out with.
So, shall we?
Save the date
It’s not that we’re playing busy, but we actually are going crazy with everything that has to be done in a day! How often did it happen that you had to cancel coffee with a friend/sister/your parents/etc. because suddenly something came up? Too many times, if you ask us! So, to ensure you’ll actually have people show up on your birthday party, make sure you send out the invitations in time (a month ahead would be perfect) and ask the guests to RSVP. After they do, you’ll have the exact number of people to count into your celebration and with that – plan ahead.

Decorate with taste

Decorating the venue you’ve chosen for your day is one of the key steps to throwing a memorable festivity. Whether you are thinking theme or just plain stylish décor, make sure it’s something that oozes style, class and – most importantly – your personality. To turn it from plain into a spectacle you don’t even have to spend a lot of money; the idea is to work the little details into the entire setting (stuff like colorful lightening, interesting sitting settings, accessories that are dear to your heart, etc. – virtually anything that holds significance to you) and let it speak for itself. Do it yourself or hire someone to help you out – either way, we’re sure it’ll look amazing!
The food is everything, and so are the drinks

Every luxurious gathering deserves high quality food and drinks, and so does yours! People love having a snack here and there, so why not treat them to some of the most delicious meals they’ve ever had the chance to try. We assume you don’t want to spend the entire day/week preparing food for the guests, which is why we’d strongly recommend hiring private chefs in London that will make sure everything is on point. Work on fashioning a specialized menu with them and look at your guests melt with delight. Oh, and – it’s always a good idea to add some bubbly and cocktails into the mix!

Think about entertainment

Apart from the appropriate setting and some fine wining and dining, choosing the right entertainment will get everyone in good spirits. Assuming you’ll be inviting people that share your taste in music and fun, we recommend you go with the expected – go with the type of music you’d normally be enjoying on a crazy night out. Also, it’s a great idea to either hire a DJ or ask a friend to be one as a birthday gift to you; it’ll add charm to the whole thing. If, however, you are going with a theme, make sure the music fits what you’ve planned to be your statement bash.
Dress to impress
Although clothes don’t necessarily make the man, they can certainly make the (wo)man look jaw-dropping. Choose an outfit that’s on point and agrees with the party you are throwing; also, make sure you are ready in time – fashionably late has gone out of style a while ago.

Written by: Peter Minkoff

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