Dear ladies and gentleman,

I know that this is a very difficult subject and most of you didn’t expect me talking about this on LuxToGo but I think it’s crucial for people to understand and accept the difficulties that transexual people go through and accept them for what they are.

We are living in a world full of rules that we must obey so that we can be accepted and respected. If we are in any way different than others we face rejection, hate, judgments. That’s why many of us lead two different lives, one for ourselves  and the other one for the world.

Feeling different from the inside then what  we are on the outside is not the sickness. It cannot be cured and it’s not okay to be judged. It’s just human nature, it’s just life.

I’ve watched Bruce Jenner standing strong telling his long hidden secret to this family and to the world. And to me he is the bravest person in the world. He’s facing judgments, but he is at least true to himself and that’s the most important thing in life. That day he became a hero.

”Yes, for all intents and purposes I am a woman,” Jenner said. “People look at me differently. They see you as this ‘macho male,’ but my heart and my soul and everything I do in life, it is part of me, that female side is part of me. It’s who I am. I was not genetically born that way.”

He’s courage inspired me to stay true to myself. He made me appreciate second chances, he made me love me more.

“Someone doesn’t choose to be a transsexual. And it simply can’t be turned off and on. A transgender or transexual must be true to themselves, or they can remain deeply depressed, isolated and even suicidal. Their loved one must support them and get fully educated,” Dr. O’Dea says. “Often a transsexual lives in silence for fear of ridicule and shame, which explains why many wait until they are older to seek help and treatment. It can be a very lonely and isolated life because he or she feels the need to hide a shameful and often embarrassing secret.”

I want all of you to know that it’s okay to be yourselves. I want you to know that life is short and that you can’t waste time worrying about what other people are going to say or think. I want you to know that you’re not the only one going through this struggle and that you’re not alone. May God be with you.

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