Springtime is probably the best possible time to have a wedding. The weather is neither too hot nor cold, so you do not have to worry about having to wear a jacket that will ruin your look, or be concerned with sweating, as is the case with hot summer weddings. Attire-wise, spring is a perfect time, as it does not limit you in your choices, so let us dive into the abundance of style options and help you find your perfect outfit.
So many dresses to say yes to
Although this is an important day for both the bride and groom, let’s face it, all eyes are always on the bride – that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. The wedding dresses of this year’s wedding season are absolutely magical. There are drop-dead gorgeous ostentatious gowns, that will leave not only the groom but all of your guests in awe. But, if you are looking for something lighter with more movement, you can always go for a romantic, knee-length lace dress that is subtle yet effective, and it gives you plenty of freedom to move and dance the night away. For those brides who absolutely adore bows, according to Brides magazine, the bows seen on the runways of all major fashion designers are bolder and more gorgeous than ever before, so, your only problem will be making the final decision among all this beauty.
Here comes the groom


In the recent years, future grooms have become more interested in looking their absolute best, which is wonderfully refreshing considering that the grooms of previous generations all seemed to look very copy-paste. Grooms are now choosing the types of suits that best reflect their personal style. This is why the suit color palette has gone from boring black and navy to all varieties of blue, beige, and gray often combined with bolder color choices for vests and shirts, as well as some gorgeous ties and other details. It is safe to say that the grooms of the future are not afraid of kicking their wedding style game up a notch (or two), so this spring, make sure you get creative.
Don’t forget your groomsmen
Following in the footsteps of the friend who is tying the knot, groomsmen are now encouraged to step up their style game, as well. These fellas should complement the groom, and that is why most groomsmen opt for identical tailored groomsmen suits, which used to be something only bridesmaids did with the matching dresses. It is good to see the male side of the wedding taking a page out of the bridal wedding style book, and we advise all groomsmen to suit up in their finest this wedding season.

The bride’s army


Dressing for the role of a bridesmaid is a tricky business. You want to look great, but at the same time, you don’t want to outshine the bride or steal her fashion thunder. Also, as you will be standing at the altar alongside the bride, the color palette has to be in sync with the bride’s dress, but also with the theme and colors dominating the wedding décor. Of course, Pinterest always comes to your rescue with ideas for every wedding scenario, so take your pick, and just remember to bring a light wrap, just to be on the safe side, as spring can surprise you with a sudden chill.
Last but not least
Of course, the rest of the guests should look their best, as well. For the ladies, breezy dresses in bright colors are definitely the way to go – they look flattering and beautiful yet subtle and appropriate enough for a wedding. Avoid bodycon dresses, as well as black ones – this is wedding attire 101. As for the male wedding population, a great pair of trousers with an interesting shirt, (and even a fun bow-tie) are absolutely on point this spring wedding season.


Written by: Peter Minkoff

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