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The first thought that always comes to mind when anyone starts a debate on the significance (or lack thereof) and depth of fashion industry and its followers is the exceptionally sarcastic (and so much so snappy) comment Stanley Tucci (aka Nigel) makes in “Devil Wears Prada”, saying: Because that’s what this 6-billion-dollar industry is all about, isn’t it? Inner beauty.
Indeed, we may go into endless, tiring debates on how, these days, intellect is shaded by the latest organza obsession and smart is replaced with denim. And it may be fulfilling for an hour or two to disregard and disrespect all that has to do with the art you live your life in (clothes) while you sip your coffee with the gals, adjust those heavy reading glasses and smirk at the thought of Paris catwalks that, for years, have been synonymous with style, extravagance and a perfect variant of luxury that can charm even the toughest of audiences. But let’s not dwell on insignificant debates and waste time talking nonsense; the moment you walk a mile in Louboutins, you’ll understand what the drama is all about. Not that smart and fashion have ever excluded one another.
The lightning bearers of fashion have always been these gorgeous men and women, the Apolos and Atinas of modern age. It’s a given we inherently (positively) respond to beautiful people and things, and so we rightfully nourish our fascinations with all that they are and everything they represent. So, obviously, we’ll skulk around beauty corners hoping to get a hint of these beauties’ routines and apply them to our everyday regimens, with the idea of improving both our lifestyles and the reflections we catch in the mirror.
In gathering useful information from the top supermodels, this is what we’ve learned on the beauty sleep tricks we’ll immediately start applying!
Moisturize thoroughly
Joan Smalls, Gabriella Wilde and Naomi Campbell are all about the importance of moisturizer prior to going to sleep. The routine will keep the skin hydrated and radiant, and the skin will be fresh in the morning. Further, if you are on the road often, regular moisturizing combats fatigue and keeps skin supple through a long trip.


Deep-cleanse and regular visits to the dermatologist’s office
Liu Wen, Claudia Schiffer, Jaime King and Carolyn Murphy are all about deep-cleansing their skin and then massaging in the right crèmes before going to bed. Some of them prefer chamomile tea on the face to sooth bags under the eyes and irritated skin.
Sleep with a humidifier on
Beauties like Christy Turlington, Kendall Jenner and Angela Lindvall would never go to bed if their room wasn’t aired properly as polluted air is terrible for both the skin and the quality of sleep. We hear supermodels have an almost religious connection to the wonder that is the cool mist humidifier – even when they are on the road as it’s helping their space stay clean, aired and humid enough not to irritate the skin.

Stay away from booze and super-salty foods around bedtime
Since most of the supermodels are blessed with amazing genetics, rarely any of them has to be super careful about what they eat or drink. However, that doesn’t mean they are abusing their God-given gifts! Queens like Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen advise to stay away from alcoholic drinks, especially prior to going to bed, as well as from the salty foods. The body becomes dehydrated when a lot of alcohol is consumed and to compensate – it starts collecting natural fluids around the eyes, which results in fine lines and premature wrinkles. No, thanks!


Who knew things were that easy, right? Thank you goddesses for sharing your secrets with us – we’ll do our best to try them out!


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