Over 80 collections presented at fashion fairs CPD Düsseldorf, Pret a Porte in Paris were successful and noticed, as well as her own fashion shows in Düsseldorf, Belgrade and Podgorica.

Along with several other designers, she presented German fashion during the Days of Germany in Moscow. German media reviewers (Suddeutschen Zeitung, Welt am Sonntag, SAT 1, WDR…) ranked her among the top five young generation German designers. Reviews, reports and photographs of her collections have been published in numerous magazines and TV stations (Vogue Italia, Elle, Elle Plus, Briggite, Fur Sie, SAT 1, WDR, ORF Osterreich, TV Kanal In Moda Italia, Fashion TV, in Style London, Der Senker Shimbur Japan…). It is especially important to mention Suzan’s continued presence in the magazine Collezioni Italia. In Serbia and Montenegro, Suzana Peric has been present since 1999 when her first collection was quite noticed in 9th Belgrade Fashion Week.
Since then she has continuously and actively been representing her collections in the Fashion Week or Fashion Selection, as well as in her own fashion shows. Her work and fashion shows draw great media attention and positive reviews.

In 2007 she received the title – The best designer collection
In 2007 she was awarded a charter from the City of Belgrade, that is, Belgrade Chamber of Crafts for 150th anniversary of craftsmanship.

In 2008 and 2009 she had the honor and pleasure to participate at the Berlin Fashion Week and present her collections. In Berlin Suzana got more noticed by the general public, the media, celebrities, thus intensifying her power, influence and presence on the fashion scene.Nowadays, the brand, Suzana Peric, is in the address book of fashion designers and fashion sites worldwide. Her collections have had a number of topics (Lawrence of Arabia, Siberian nights, Anna Karenina, Gypsies fly in the sky, Pirates, Carmen, Sex in the city…) with details which always offer something innovative, along with the distinctive design that highlights and emphasizes femininity in the finest sense of the word.

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