It’s a major hoax. 
It’s an unapologetic fashion trick. 
It’s the ultimate visual bogus. 
We love it!

Yes, what else could we be talking about in those attributes if not about shapewear!
Not until recently (circa last two, three years) was shapewear as popular; we were used to loving and chasing the Kate Moss stick figure where “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”, and didn’t pay much attention to whether our booties were pancake or round. However, something’s changed and suddenly the take on body shape-preference has changed. Before we knew it, it was all about a plump derriere, the itsy-bitsy waist, thick thighs and larger breasts! We can’t really pin point what exactly was it that has made the hourglass shape as popular in the current momentum as it was during Marilyn Monroe era – or even if we try we can’t really be sure whether there was one trigger for the curves-mania or were there multiple influencers – from Queen B, over HipHop and RnB culture to the Kardashians, it’s evident that the hourglass glory is brought back to life and it’s not going anywhere. The shape we are obsessing about now is a toned yet voluptuous figure squeezed into a dress that leaves no room for a cellulite bump. And owing to the amazing shapewear – all of it is so oh-so-possible!


While shapewear brings a certain controversial tone about it — from advocates voicing against “visual trickery” achieved with figure-flattering undergarments and not healthy nutrition and fitness, to its potential health implications, we can’t help but scream at the top of our lungs how thankful we are for them! And really, what is so wrong about emphasizing the best parts of your figure? Nothing, we say.
To make things a bit clearer, here are the answers to some of most commonly asked questions:
What does shapewear actually do to a body?
With the proper cut and trusted leading brands like Leonisa that have proven their promised star quality to be just that, the right piece of shapewear is much like a fitted undergarment – it will improve your posture, the way you walk, give you confidence, emphasize just the right places and thin out those parts of your body you aren’t that proud of. Plus, it will give you an all-over sleeker physique and the body will appear thinner and smoother. There’s no garment you choose that won’t fit like a glove!
Where does all of the fat go?


It’s clear that shapewear smoothes out, slims, supports and shapes the figure by “re-arranging” the fat where it should be (or where you want it to be). The extra fat often moves into spaces of the compressed muscle (like abs), but it can also move directionally, towards more wanted places like the booty or hips.
However, what all the curvatious girls out there mustn’t fall for is the promise of body shapers helping you lose weight – trickery like waist trainers and such or just that – pure deception that will waste you money and get you hoping with no end result.
Further, shapewear mustn’t be worn all the time as the skin needs to breathe – especially if you’ve got a thicker figure.
Does wearing shapewear pose any dangers?
There are reports targeting shapewear as dangerous given it, apparently, may cause acid reflux, blood clots, breathing problems and even organ displacement. However, these claims have pretty much to do with observations done on people who have worn shapewear excessively as well as shapewear made of unnatural materials that are potentially harmful. Remember the Victorian era and all the corsets back then? Well, those were a big no-no! However, women today are lucky as modern fabrics, technology, stitching, and high-quality design help girls achieve hourglass look without pain. No boning, no horse hair.


To quote Mrs Kim Kardashian in Tyler Perry’s Temptation – “You don’t breathe in Hervé!” – heh, funny. But you definitely need to breathe in your shapewear because every modern woman knows that pain, no matter how gorgeous, simply isn’t an option.

Written by: Peter Minkoff

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